Sight loss: Helping you to help others during coronavirus

If you have older family members or friends who are experiencing sight loss, then you may be worried about how to provide the right help and support for them.

Many people who have little or no experience of people with sight loss often feel worried about saying or doing the wrong thing, so we’ve created a few top tips to help you answer your concerns. 

These tips from the RNIB are ideal for people who are new to volunteering or are supporting people with sight loss, it’s perfectly normal to feel slightly apprehensive. It simply means that you are wanting to be helpful and not get anything wrong. But sight loss doesn’t need to cause any awkwardness; we are all people, we just all see things differently.

  • Social distancing – People living with sight loss will find it difficult to maintain social distancing, so keep this in mind when you’re interacting with them
  • Talk naturally – Don’t be afraid of using “visual language” like “nice to see you” – just relax and be yourself – you’ll feel awkward if you try to sensor yourself
  • Use verbal communication – Saying “Go over there” while pointing means very little to someone who can’t see where “there” is. Try and be specific, for example “Your glass is at 2 o’clock”, or “The card machine is above your right hand”.

Read all the tips here.


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