Council Leader Thanks Voluntary & Community Groups

Below is a letter from Cllr Tim Swift, on behalf of Calderdale Council, expressing thanks for the work that the voluntary and community groups in Calderdale are doing.

I am writing to you on behalf of Calderdale Council to express our thanks for the amazing work you do. The service and support you are providing to those who are often the most vulnerable in our society is essential.

The Covid-19 virus has impacted our lives to a scale not seen since the Second World War. Everyone has felt its impact across every level of society. Just as was the case then, ordinary people and their efforts are making the difference.

Many in our community who are vulnerable have been unable to leave their homes due to the risk the virus posed to their health. These people have been kept safe and well through your efforts. You have supported and stood shoulder to shoulder with our partners in the NHS, Police, and Social Care to help mitigate the effects of this terrible virus. You have been a lifeline in your communities, looking after those struggling, and exemplifying the virtue that kindness is indeed the currency of Calderdale.

We are all one team in Calderdale and your efforts have shown how strong our community roots are. We need organisations and community groups like you who even outside this time of crisis will go that extra mile to make Calderdale a better place.

You are pillars of your community and often act as the rock for others to build their lives upon. Whether it is by providing advice to those unsure about how to access help, being a voice and an ear for those who are lonely or just need to talk, or ensuring struggling families have food in the cupboard, you have been there to help. The voluntary sector has truly galvanised as one, using its combined resources to ensure no one is left behind. You provide life-changing services whether through your paid staff or through bands of committed volunteers with a mission.

I am aware of, and understand the financial pressures you face at this time, and I wrote with other Council Leaders and Chief Executives last month urging that financial support is made available nationally for the sector. Whilst I know some funding has been identified through various sources this is unlikely to fully address the challenges you face in meeting the needs, with us, of those who are isolated, vulnerable and at risk of negative consequences, directly and indirectly, from Covid19.

Thank you. Everything you do makes a difference. You should feel immense pride in the work you do and know it helps countless members of our community everyday.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Tim Swift MBE Leader of the Council

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