BLOG: Dandelions or daffodils – the choice is yours!

Forum Chair Malcolm Kielty compares the challenge of beating the coronavirus with a gardener’s travails with weeding out the humble dandelion.

Some folk just don’t get it do they?  Keep consistent with social isolation and we can beat this pandemic, and keep thousands of people alive!

Just like the gardener’s travails with the humble dandelion?

It’s the end of April and dandelions are bursting out all over the place: bright yellow, hard to ignore and arguably as a classified  ‘weed’ they are just a flower in the wrong place?  But they compete for space against our spring flowers: bluebells, forget-me-not and the beloved daffodil.

Attractive at first, but In a week or so the dandelion turns into the demon which is a ball of seeds wafting in the wind.  Even a light breeze or a puff of air from one of us blowing clocks for some doting grandchild allows millions of seeds to spread.  Millions more dandelions will be with us next spring, and so on ……….

So what can we do?  Deadhead them NOW, ensure our spring flowers can flourish for us all to enjoy again next year and stop this dande-pandemic!

And stop the coronavirus too.  JUST STAY IN DOORS,SAVE LIVES and stop this virus spreading out of control.

Now, where is my half full beer glass??

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