BLOG: Surviving the enforced lockdown!

Read our latest blog from Forum trustee Michael Riley on how he is dealing with the enforced lockdown!

13 April 2020

So as one of a group of people which it appears will be locked down for 12 weeks, and this is only week three – here is what have I been doing with myself to pass the time.

Well at the start of lockdown I spent two weeks trying to add myself to someone’ s delivery for groceries!   We have two daughters and of course they were keen to try and get everything we are short of, but they have families of their own and it was all getting a little too complicated.

So I tried all the usual suspects myself: Asda, Morrisons, Tesco and Aldi but none of them was really geared up in the early part of the lockdown to deliver to me at home. Eventually we signed up with Sainsbury’s and now have a grocery delivery coming on Friday.  So one problem sorted  (we hope)!

Then I decided I would paint those bits of our house which had started showing their age. Unfortunately when I inspected our internal white paint, most of it seemed to have “yellowed” somewhat with the passage of time!

I picked up my paintbrush, and having some paint in stock, I have now painted all our internal doors (both sides), the stairway balustrade and all of our window sills a brilliant white.  To be honest I am rather pleased with the results and the house looks quite marvellous inside – compared to before.

So now for the outside in week two.  A rather harder task as its mostly high up and for a 75 year old just a bit more dangerous!  I have though now painted all the external wood work I can reach from ground level!

This brings me to this week (week three of the lockdown). What else could I do?   I started by listing out all my rugby league programmes, then I repaired all the rotting wood outside and now I have tidied our garden.   So what next!!!

Time for me now . . . . I’m going to learn my guitar!!!   Is there really another ten weeks still to go?

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