Letters to the Editor – Malc’s New Tri-focal Glasses

Malcolm’s got a new pair of glasses and he’s not sure he likes what he’s seeing!

So now it’s official! I’ve got the certificate from Specsavers to prove it and the bifocals to show I that I’ve been driving impaired, and not recognising folk on the street until they are almost in my lap!!

Didn’t someone once sing “I can see clearly now the rain has gone”?  Well, we won’t mention the rain, but there is a new clarity to things post the visit to the optician’s! However, now I can see better, it’s just reinforcing a few things I’d been thinking already:

“Did you see that idiot drive through those traffic light on RED!! Again!“ Yes I did, it’s an epidemic of bad driving!

Then there’s the question of “which clown is parked half on the pavement? As a wheelchair user, I can’t get by and neither can the person with visual impairment ,or those people pushing a pram, who are now having to go into the road to get by!”

“And there’s the cyclist on the pavement, at such a pace too!!”

“And there’s the driver still sat at the wheel in a disabled parking bay. Yes he has is blue badge, but if he’s waiting for someone coming back with shopping, please find another space and don’t disadvantage a disable driver looking in vain for a space!”

So, there you have it. My new specs have the “Wow factor” – they make things so clear, not just visually, but in terms of social commentary too! does that make them trifocal (long range vision, close range vision, plus improved social awareness as well)?

Or am I just over-analysing things?

Now where’s my beer? Hmmmm slightly less than ‘half full’……………..best order another half, by the look of it!

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