Letters to the Editor: Have you got a plan?

Malcolm muses on the dangers of not planning ahead as you get older…..and then blaming everyone else when it all goes wrong!

My dad used to sit in front of the telly and say “I can’t be doing with all this dot com business!”

I’m not sure exactly when he said this, as I was married and away from home from 20 years of age and that was 1970.

However they say you become like one of your parents eventually and I suppose that’s where I’m coming from.

I think I’m generally a ‘half glass full’ sort of guy but I am aware that I’m sounding more like my father in later life, where his approach to the world was often….” they shouldn’t be doing that”…..” in our day…..” “ No respect…….” etc, etc.

However I do think as ageing human beings we have to take some responsibility ourselves. I do try and ‘plan’ ahead and not wait until I NEED help and assistance and find it takes time and then play holy war about services being rubbish!

An ‘old boy‘ I worked along side said “ If tha’s got a plan, and half if it goes ‘T**s up, Tha’ll still have half a plan. If Tha’s got no plan, well…………tha’s B******d!” I’ll leave you to fill in the gaps, but you get the gist.

Uss humans can be somewhat stubborn, so my advice is ask for help if you think you’ll soon need adaptions, help with specific health issues or pointers about the correct pathways to obtaining help. Don’t wait till it’s almost too late!

Now………………..where is that half glass mmmm!!

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