REVIEW: Medical News Today

The website Medical News Today is an excellent source of information on a huge range of medical conditions. It publishes new information all the time, including details of the latest studies and research into diseases and conditions.

If you have a medical condition and want to find out more about it and about the current studies and latest treatments, the site is well worth a visit – you can also subscribe to their newsletter.

As ever, we’d recommend that you refer to your GP before considering any treatments and if you are worried about any aspect of your health. However, Medical News Today is a useful resource for reading around any medical subject and may help you to come to terms with your condition or help you to support a relative or friend with an illness.

Here are just a handful of their most recent articles, all aimed at older people:

How to improve your memory: 8 techniques to try
Brain function and memory naturally decline slightly as a person ages, but there are many techniques people can use to improve memory and prevent its loss. Learn about them here.
Social activity in your 60s may lower dementia risk by 12%
One of the most reliable studies of its kind has tracked participants over a 28-year period and found that greater social activity can lower dementia risk.
‘Intensive blood pressure management’ may preserve brain health
Intensively controlling blood pressure can improve brain health and reduce the likelihood of developing mild cognitive impairment, new research finds.
Osteoporosis drugs may lower mortality risk by 34%
Two recent studies reveal that people who take the correct medication for osteoporosis appear to have a significantly lower risk of premature death.
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