SURVEY: Money Problems?

Have you experienced money issues in later life? Older people shouldn’t be prevented from living the life they want because of money issues. But we know that this isn’t always the case. From not being able to pay for heating or food, to struggling with the costs of a bigger life event like a funeral, money worries can have a huge impact.

This summer, the older people’s charity, Independent Age, will be exploring the problems and solutions surrounding money issues in later life through a series of articles on their website, where they’ll be sharing older people’s real life experiences.

Are you over 65 with experience of one or more of the following issues?

  • Problems with paying for fuel or food
  • Experience of, or concern about, scams or fraud
  • A lack of cash machines near you, or trouble with banking online
  • The impact of losing a partner or divorce on your finances.

If you’d be willing to share your story with Independent Age, they’d love to hear from you. Just send them a short email by clicking the link below telling them briefly about your experience and they’ll get in touch to arrange a time to chat about it in more detail.

Share your story

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