SEMINAR: Health & Climate Change

The Calderdale Breakfast Leadership Seminar on Wednesday 5th June at the University Business Centre at the Piece Mill Halifax will focus on the theme of Resilience and will be led by Professor Hilary Graham who will speak more widely about  Health, Climate change and specifically about the Lancet Countdown.

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Hilary Graham is part of the Lancet Countdown on health and climate change, funded by the Wellcome Trust and led by UCL (2018-23). She leads the Countdown group tracking public and political engagement in health and climate change.

The Lancet Countdown aims to track the health impacts of climate hazards; health resilience and adaptation; health co-benefits of climate change mitigation; economics and finance; and political and broader engagement.

The event will take place between 8.15am-9.30am on 5th June at the University Business Centre, The Piece Mill, Halifax.

A healthy breakfast and refreshments will be provided from 8.15am.

‘Our vision for Calderdale in 2024 is a place where you can realise your potential whoever you are, whether your voice has been heard or unheard in the past.

We aspire to be a place where talent and enterprise can thrive.  A place defined by our innate kindness and resilience, defined by how our people care for each other, able to recover from setbacks, full of hope.

Calderdale will stand out, be known, and be distinctive. A great place to visit, but most importantly, a place to live a larger life.’ Robin Tuddenham, Chief Executive Calderdale Council.

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