REPORT: The State of Ageing

A new report from the Centre for Ageing Better gives a great insight into the lives of older people in the UK.

For many of us there is much to look forward to in later life. People in their early to mid-70s are more satisfied with life than any other age group. And most people in later life report feeling connected to their communities, families and friends. But huge inequalities exist. As we get older, the steady accumulation of a lifetime of advantages or disadvantages, together with differences such as in our ethnicity, in where we live, and in our income, results in vastly unequal levels of health, wealth, happiness and security in later life. And there are worrying trends for the future. For example, earlier progress made in reducing pensioner poverty is beginning to reverse.

This report brings together public data across four areas: work and finances; housing; health; and communities. It reveals vast differences in how people experience ageing depending on factors such as where they live, how much money they have or their sex or ethnicity. Today’s least well-off over 50s face far greater challenges than their wealthier peers and are more likely to die younger, become sicker earlier and fall out of work due to ill health.

Read the report

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