INFO: Age UK Info Guides

Age UK have a huge range of really useful Information Guides on their website – the list can be slightly overwhelming, but it’s worth a quick scan as you never know when one of them might come in useful:

Money and legal

AgeUKIG02: Lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (PDF 537 KB)

AgeUKIG03: When someone dies (PDF 436 KB)

AgeUKIG05: Avoiding scams (PDF 303 KB)

AgeUKIG21: Powers of attorney (PDF 808 KB)

AgeUKIG30: Save energy, pay less (PDF 760 KB)

AgeUKIG31: Wills and estate planning (PDF 328 KB)

AgeUKIG43: More money in your pocket (PDF 382 KB)

AgeUKIG45: Protecting yourself (PDF 508 KB)

AgeUKIG49: Attendance Allowance (PDF 338 KB)

AgeUKIG50: Pension Credit (PDF 394 KB)

AgeUKIG51:Thinking about end of life (PDF 650 KB)

AgeUKIG52: Carer’s Allowance (PDF 564 KB)

AgeUKIG53: State Pension (PDF 218 KB)

AgeUKIG54: Council Tax Support (PDF 267 KB)

AgeUKIG57: Getting help with debt (PDF 227 KB)

AgeUKIL6: Equity release (PDF 240 KB)

AgeUKIL8: How to be an executor (PDF 608 KB)

Health and wellbeing

AgeUKIG07: Your hospital stay (PDF 495 KB)

AgeUKIG14: Staying steady (PDF 577 KB)

AgeUKIG15: Bladder and bowel problems (PDF 538 KB)

AgeUKIG24: Healthy living (PDF 1.3 MB)

AgeUKIG27: Winter wrapped up (PDF 793 KB)

AgeUKIG32: Bereavement (PDF 1.8 MB) 

AgeUKIG47: Caring for someone with dementia (PDF 993 KB)

AgeUKIG48: Living with early-stage dementia (PDF 509 KB)

AgeUK IG55: At home with dementia (PDF 714KB)

AgeUKIG56: Your mind matters (PDF 527KB)

AgeUKIL1: Staying cool in a heatwave (PDF 101 KB)

Home and care

AgeUKIG01: Staying safe (PDF 445 KB)

AgeUKIG06: Care homes (PDF 645 KB)

AgeUKIG08: Housing options (PDF 443 KB)

AgeUKIG13: Advice for carers (PDF 492 KB)

AgeUKIG17: Adapting your home (PDF 2 MB)

AgeUKIG23: Getting help at home (PDF 385 KB)

AgeUKIL5: Care home checklist (PDF 251 KB)

AgeUKIL7: Home safety checker (PDF 342 KB)

Work and learning

AgeUKIL4: Internet security (PDF 297 KB)

Travel and lifestyle

AgeUKIG44: In the driving seat (PDF 758 KB)

AgeUKIG10: Useful contacts (PDF 681 KB)

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