DROUGHT: Reduce Water Consumption

The long, hot summer has put pressure on water supplies and it’s a good opportunity to consider how you can reduce your water usage.

Here are some simple things you can do to reduce your water usage and get the bonus of smaller water bills:

  • Fix dripping taps or leaks – they can waste the equivalent of half a bath a week.
  • Take showers instead of baths – A short shower can use a third of the amount of water needed for a bath.
  • Don’t leave the tap running while brushing your teeth or shaving.
  • Use a washing up bowl to do the dishes, rather than rinsing every plate and cup under the tap.
  • Wash vegetables in a bowl rather than under running water.
  • Use a watering can in the garden rather than a hosepipe.
  • Fit a device in your toilet cistern to minimise the water used in flushing. It can save up to 3 litres of water with every flush. Ask your water company if it supplies them free of charge.
  • Don’t use your washing machine or dishwasher on half-load programmes. A full load uses less water than 2 half loads.

Age UK has a lengthy article on how to lower your water bills – Age UK Article

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