AGE UK: Thinking about end of life

“Thinking about end of life” is a new guide from Age UK. It is for those who want to plan ahead and get their affairs in order, or those that have a life-limiting illness and want to know their support options as their illness progresses.

What the guide is about

Thinking about the end of life can be difficult, but being well informed can help you consider all your options at a time that’s right for you. Taking steps now can give you confidence that your wishes are documented so that people close to you know what you would want if the time came when you could no longer make your own decisions.

Making plans now can make things easier for those close to you down the line. And remember, you can always change your plans. If you know you have a life-limiting illness, this guide also
explains what options and services could be available as your illness progresses. If this applies to you it will help to know the questions to ask so you can you make the best choices for you.

It explains how to make your wishes and treatment preferences known, and helps you consider where you would like to be looked after towards the end of your life. You may have already put some plans in place, and there may be some things that you don’t feel ready to plan for yet.

Planning for the end of your life is a very sensitive and personal experience so pick out the sections in this guide that are relevant to you.

Download/Read the guide

Age UK also produces LifeBook, a handy book where you can keep useful information in one place. For your free copy, please call them on 0845 685 1061.

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