INFO: Independent Age’s FAQs

A charity formed over 150 years ago, Independent Age is dedicated to helping older people. Thye now have a really well-written and informative web-site which is always worth a visit for advice and information.

We were interested to see their top 8 questions they are most frequently asked and they pretty much sum up the cares and concerns of many older people and their relatives –

Questions Independent Age get asked most

  1. Are there any benefits I can apply for?
  2. My benefits have gone down and I don’t know why.
  3. I’m selling my home. Will this affect my benefits?
  4. I need to find a care home – where do I start?
  5. What happens when I’m discharged from hospital?
  6. Do I have to sell my home to pay care home fees?
  7. Why am I being charged top-up fees?
  8. I’m struggling to live at home. Can I get help?

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