HEALTH: Good Foot Care

This article is taken from a new “Healthy Living” leaflet/guide from Age UK that highlights lifestyle/behaviour changes you may like to consider and the benefits they can bring.

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Foot care advice from Age UK

It’s vital to look after your feet and basic daily foot care should include:

washing in warm soapy water (but don’t soak your feet too long – it destroys their natural oils, causing dry skin)

drying carefully, particularly between the toes

applying foot cream containing urea which hydrates the skin (don’t apply between the toes)

lightly applying foot powder.

Wear clean socks each day. Don’t wear the same shoes every day and always choose ones that support your feet but aren’t too tight. Wearing natural materials such as leather, wool and cotton will allow your feet to breathe. It’s important to pay attention to any changes to your feet. Contact your GP if they become painful, feel noticeably hot or cold or if there is a change in their colour.

If you have corns,bunions, an ingrown toenail or other common foot problems, report these to your practice nurse too. Cutting toenails regularly and straight across prevents ingrown toenails. You could file them daily instead if you find that easier. If you have health problems such as diabetes you may be able to get NHS help with cutting your toenails. Talk to your GP to find out more.