‘Social care’ is the general term used to refer to the extra support or care needed to carry out daily tasks at home to keep you living independently.

This extra help and support might include:

  • help at home with simple tasks like shopping, laundry and cleaning
  • personal care such as washing, dressing and preparing a meal
  • housing with care scheme (also known as sheltered accommodation)
  • home adaptations and equipment to make life easier and help you live independently at home.

When looking at “Social Care”, it’s worth noting that it is never “free”.  However, the amount you pay depends on the level of need and the amount of assets you have. If you think you need social care, you should always start with an assessment of your needs from your local council.

Age UK have a really helpful guide to social care and how to access it on their website: Social Care

The NHS Choices website also has a comprehensive guide to care services: NHS Choices

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