“CARE AWARE” – Survey results

Thank you to everyone who took part in our “Care Aware” survey. Calderdale Forum 50 Plus wanted to find out more about the social care available in Calderdale (in particular the “Gateway to Care” service run by the council), how people access it, what services they access and who provides those services. We ran a small, informal survey to act as a discussion piece. Here are the key findings:

More information on the individual questions and answers. In some cases we have summarised the the results:

1a) Have you heard about Calderdale Council’s ‘Gateway to Care’?
yes: 46 (66%)
no: 24 (34%)

1b) If yes, how did you hear about ‘Gateway to Care’?
Friends: 11 (25%)
Work for CMBC or NHS: 9 (20%)
GP/Hospital: 7 (16%)
Family: 4 (9%)
Web Search: 4 (9%)
I work in volunteer sector: 4 (9%)
Advertising: 2 (5%)
Age charity: 2 (5%)
Social Services/Worker: 1 (2%)

2a) Have you, or someone you know, accessed information/advice, care or support services through Gateway to Care?
No: 8 (33%)
Yes: 16 (67%)

2b) If yes, how useful was Gateway to Care in meeting your/their needs?
1 – Not at all useful: 2 (5%)
2 – Slightly useful: 2 (5%)
3 – Moderately useful: 13 (35%)
4 – Very useful: 9 (24%)
5 – Extremely useful: 11 (30%)

2c) If yes, describe in your own words how easy it was to contact Gateway to Care?
Results summarised –
Easy/Very Easy: 19 (61%)
Delay/Lack of info: 5 (16%)
Not available weekends: 1 (3%)
No opinion: 3 (10%)
Someone else did it: 3 (10%)

2d) If you have accessed support via Gateway to Care, which services did you obtain? Tick all the options that apply:
Referral to community services: 11 ( 18% )
Personal Care: 10 ( 16% )
Community care alarms: 9 ( 15% )
Occupational Therapist Input: 8 ( 13% )
Handyperson Service: 7 ( 11% )
Assistive Technology: 6 ( 10% )
Other: 6 ( 10% )
Falls Prevention: 5 ( 8% )

3a) Have you or someone you know accessed information/advice, care or support services through a source other than Gateway to Care?
Yes: 23 ( 41% )
No: 33 ( 59% )

3b) If yes, what services did you access?
Referral to community services: 7 ( 23% )
Community care alarms: 6 ( 19% )
Personal Care: 5 ( 16% )
Falls Prevention: 5 ( 16% )
Occupational Therapist Input: 3 ( 10% )
Handyperson Service: 3 ( 10% )
Assistive Technology: 2 ( 6% )

3c) Who provides these services? (please list, if more than one source).
Listed alphabetically:

Age uk
Calderdale Council
Community Matrons
Dementia Friendly Todmorden
External Care Company
High Five Pellon
Macmillan team
Private company

If you have any further comments not covered in the questions above and you feel they are relevant to this survey please feel free to write them here:

Every single person involved in the care of my mother in law was extremely friendly, professional and did their very best to provide everything needed.

Having a neurological disorder and TBI means that I am needing extra support. I’ve been refused twice and even though I’m told to call back I’m now reluctant as it seems improbable that I’ll get any help.

I am 74, live in Mytholmroyd and have never heard of this

I feel we are very lucky in Calderdale. Much easier to refer to services here than Kirklees

I have nothing but good things to say about Gateway to care. I have found them excellent in helping me acess info for my elderly mother.

I was unable to access any care pathway. Promised information was not received.

It was a friend who asked me about advice as my Mum has been in residential care for 13years in what I consider the very best Care home in Halifax – Valley View Care home, Moorend Road.

Never heard of it in Hebden Bridge – may be too old for it

The Handyperson Service was incredibly good and efficient. Fitted additional stair rail quickly and efficiently, cleared up afterwards and was generally excellent.

Better Lives still referred to Gateway to Care for accessing services if I wanted to proceed

Gateway provides an excellent service.

I feel Gateway to Care is an excellent idea but that it needs to have a higher profile so that more of those in need are aware of it and how to access the most useful services it can offer.

I have been told that patients discharged from hospital wards to other providers (e.g. community place) have been “lost” – that is not on any list to show that they’re not at home.

It is very difficult for deaf people to make contact – we need a 2 way text system.

My experience with the General Public within community groups is that they don’t know about this service or how to contact them.

The lip reading classes stopped and have not been delivered for a few years now but they were a valuable source of information as well as learning an important skill. The classes were provided by C.A.L.

Time period of accessing service should be reduced

Would probably have rung them but didn’t know about this service

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