OUTDOORS: Walk & Ride Festival

This year’s South Pennines Walk & Ride Festival takes place between Saturday 9th September and Sunday 24th September.

The festival is the perfect opportunity to explore the wild and wonderful South Pennines landscape, its heather-covered moors, steep-sided valleys, canals, reservoirs and packhorse trails. Spanning the Yorkshire Lancashire border this area has a fascinating history, offering everything from Neolithic stone carvings to world-changing industrial heritage; and many hidden gems. Over the centuries it has inspired artists and writers; and those who visit and those who stay.

You may wish to march across the moorland on one of our strenuous all-day hikes or perhaps meander through the streets of Hebden Bridge to discover the secrets of its industrial past or maybe cycle along the Tour de France Grand Depart Route; whatever your pace or interests the South Pennines has it all.

The South Pennines is a place where you’ll find intense local pride and people who are passionate about the area and want to share what they know…our event guides are no exception. They will be able to guide you through the landscape and share their knowledge.

Details of this year’s events can be accessed via a downloadable brochure or via the website http://www.walkandridefestival.co.uk/ 

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