HOBBIES: Try something new

With Summer drawing to a close, it’s a great time to start a new hobby. Longer evenings inside are an opportunity to learn something new, whether it be a hobby, skill, game or musical activity.

Age UK have a section of their website dedicated to hobbies – Read about hobbies

Here are a few more things to try this Autumn:

  • Learn to play a new musical instrument.
  • Join a GYM or fitness class
  • Take up your studies at an evening class.
  • Join a walking group for regular rambles.
  • Build a bird-table, join the RSPB and give nature a helping hand.
  • Learn to knit, sew or basket weave – and give your products to charity.
  • Volunteer to help a local sports club
  • Set yourself a baking challenge and learn five new recipies



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