REPORT: State of Calderdale Event

This conference was an opportunity for delegates to take part in shaping the way
forward for Calderdale. The Council and its partners came together to look at the needs
of Calderdale, how each organisation prioritises and seeks to meet those needs, where there may be gaps and challenges, and importantly, where there are opportunities to work together to target our resources appropriately to make the biggest impact on the people and place of Calderdale.

Councillor Tim Swift, Leader Calderdale MBC, said: “There were a lot of serious, thought provoking and sometimes challenging contributions, and we have tried to capture the flavour of them in this report. As you would expect with an event like this, we ended up with many questions and thoughtful ideas and the need for more work to help develop a shared sense of
vision – but there were some really strong common themes, particularly around the combination of people and place that makes Calderdale special.

Read the Full report (pdf download)


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