INFO: The Election & Calderdale

As you probably know, a General Election is to be held on Thursday 8th June 2017. Here are a few pieces of essential information to get you ready to cast your vote:


There are three ways you can vote in an election:

  • in person at a Polling station;
  • by post;
  • by Proxy (someone else can vote on your behalf).

In person at a polling station

Poling station sign

By post

Anyone can apply for a postal vote and it is easy to apply!
Posting a postal vote
To apply for postal voting, complete this form: PDFApplication to vote by post [PDF 62KB] .For security reasons you will need to provide a sample signature and your date of birth. Your ballot paper will be sent out approximately 2 weeks before a polling day.The deadline for applying for a postal vote is 5pm, 11 working days before a polling day. The earlier you apply the better.You can have your postal vote sent to a different address, but you will need to tell us why.
By proxy

Further information on voting can be found at The Electoral Commission website, visit: About my vote .

Do you require assistance?

Wheelchair users – Some polling stations do not have easy access for electors with disabilities. For these, a note to that effect will be included on the elector’s poll card. Other voting arrangements can be made for electors who are unable to access polling stations. Electors may apply for a postal or proxy vote.

Blind / partially sighted voters – Tactile voting templates and large print ballot papers are available at all polling stations. You can take a companion with you to assist you or ask the Presiding Officer at the polling station for help. You can also apply for postal or proxy voting.Live chat: Advisers are available to help – Chat now


The Polls will open at 7am and close at 10pm on Thursday 8th June 2017 (the vote counting will immediately follow this).

PDFLIST OF POLLING STATIONS – Calder Valley Constituency [PDF 27KB]PDFLIST OF POLLING STATIONS – Halifax Constituency [PDF 26KB]

The election results will be published following the conclusion of the count.

Election candidates

Alisdair Calder McGregor, Liberal Democrats
Josh Fenton-Glynn, Labour Party
Paul Rogan, UK Independence Party
Jenny Shepherd, Green Party
Joe Stead, World Peace Through Song
Rod Sutcliffe, A Voice for the Region
Craig Whittaker, Conservative Party

Philip Allott, Conservative Party
Trevor Bendrien, Christian Party Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship
Mohammad Ilyas, Liberal Democrats
Asama Javed, Respect
Holly Lynch, Labour Party
Liz Phillips, UK Independence Party
Gary Scott, Green PartyFor more information on candidates, contact their Political Party, or the nominated candidate directly. If you want to know more about becoming a candidate, visit the Electoral Commission website.

For further information on voting, visit: About my vote , or email Calderdale’s Electoral Services: .

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