BUSES: Service changes

West Yorkshire bus operators have recently made changes to a significant number of services in one of the largest service changes to ever take place. Most of these changes are minor timing alterations to improve punctuality and journey times although some services will be altered.

With over 180 – more than a third – of the county’s bus services changing, West Yorkshire Combined Authority is encouraging passengers to visit its Metro travel information website at www.wymetro.com to see if their service is affected. Simply go to the site’s bus timetables search, enter their service number and search.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority has produced a summary advising passengers of the services affected which has been available on its Metro travel information website at www.wymetro.com/changes since late January.

And, passengers can now use their smartphones to scan the QR Codes and NFC Chips at all of the county’s 14,500 bus stops, which takes them directly to the real-time information for that stop. Located at the bottom left of timetable displays, QR Codes and NFC Chips are now being used 10,000 times every week.


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