The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE, has called on third sector and public bodies to work together to prevent loneliness in older people

Some older people should be sent to dance groups or choirs to help maintain their health, says NICE. Vulnerable older people should be offered befriending programmes or exercise classes to prevent loneliness.

In a new quality standard NICE urges councils, housing organisations and the voluntary sector to work together to identify vulnerable older people.

Those most at risk should be directed to dancing or swimming clubs; arts groups or singing programmes or helping with reading in schools; as well as volunteering and befriending programmes


A national network, The Campaign to End Loneliness, suggest over half of people aged 75 and over live alone and Age UK claim 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for a month.

Read more about this on the NICE website

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