MONEY: Help for those in debt

If you are in debt, the chances are you’ll be asking yourself, “when should I seek help?”

Many people find they get into debt, and for a wide range of reasons. Whether you owe £50 or £50,000, if debt has become a concern for you, then it’s important to take steps to tackle it.

You may want to seek help if you are:
• worrying about money
• struggling to pay your household bills or paying them with credit
• relying on your overdraft or credit card to get by
• missing credit repayments
• hiding your spending habits from your family
• avoiding letters and calls from your creditors.
If any of these apply to you, then it could be time to get some help.

Age UK have published a new guide to getting help with debt (pdf download) which is an excellent resource if you are struggling with your finances.

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