CARE: Picking a Care Home

Age UK have recently updated their fact-sheet about choosing a care-home. Go to the Age UK website to download a copy of this really useful document (link at foot of this article).

Before you decide to move into a care home, it is important to be sure this is the best way of meeting your needs. Most people do not require permanent residential care and you need to be sure your needs could not be met in another way. For example, you may be able to have your home adapted or have a package of care and support at home on a daily basis. There are other accommodation options such as warden controlled sheltered accommodation.

Although you may be anxious about moving into a care home and you might experience feelings of loss, the move should give you the opportunity to focus more fully on your own wellbeing and social relationships and reduce the strain of independently managing your
physical and health needs.

Download the full factsheet

We also have more info on choosing a Care Home

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