HEALTH: 15 minutes exercise

Recent studies show that the more physical activity older adults do, the greater the health benefits that they can expect as a result. However, the good news for people who don’t take exercise and are perhaps intimidated by the prospect of long, arduous workouts is that the biggest benefits come with a low level of exercise, with the medium and high levels bringing smaller increments of benefit.”

Researches found that a low level of activity – equivalent to around 15 minutes brisk walking a day – which is half the recommended amount, was associated with a 22% reduced risk of death in older adults compared with those who were not exercising.

The studies recommended that older adults progressively increase physical activity in their daily lives rather than trying to dramatically change their habits.

Fifteen minutes a day is a reasonable target for older adults and can also act as a stepping stone to the recommended 150 minutes per week.

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