VOTE: Local Elections

Elections are being held on Thursday 5 May 2016 for local borough councillors and the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

How to vote: First of all, you must be on the electoral register.  The deadline to register to vote in the 5 May elections was 18 April 2016 so if you weren’t registered before this date, you won’t be able to vote.

Every person who is registered to vote will be sent a polling card, which will tell you at which polling station you are able to vote. Polling stations will be open between 7am-10pm on 5 May.  You don’t need to take your polling card with you to the polling station.

If you are unable to go to the polling station yourself you should have applied to vote by proxy by 5pm on 26 April 2016, or to apply for a postal vote by 19 April 2016.

You can read the statement of the persons nominated for the local election in your Ward at nominations.

Police and crime commissioners

Police and crime commissioners are elected by the public to ensure the policing needs of communities are met as effectively as possible and to oversee how crime is tackled in your police force area.

The candidate statements for the West Yorkshire PCC elections have now been published – information on candidates standing at Choose my PCC.

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