HOUSING: Health in Old Age

Care & Repair England is a charitable organisation established in 1986. It aims to improve older people’s housing and believes that all older people should have decent living conditions in a home of their own choosing.
Contact: info@careandrepair-england.org.uk www.careandrepair-england.org.uk

Older People’s Housing Champions Network supports action by older people’s groups to
improve housing and related services for an ageing population across England.

These two organisations have combined to produce a very eye-catching document looking at the key facts behind Housing conditions and the way they have a causal link to a wide range of common chronic health conditions, including respiratory illnesses, stroke, heart disease and depression. They also impact on risk of injury and accidents, particularly falls, amongst older people.

Facts like:

  • There are 2.5 million long term sick or disabled people over 65yrs
  • 530,000 long term sick and disabled over 65yrs live in a non-decent home
  • 40% of the NHS’s budget is spent on caring for people over 65 yrs

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