HEALTH: Eye Care Advice

Independent Age is an charity that represents older people.

They have recently published an extremely useful set of tips and information on a range of health and lifestyle issues that face older people. Their latest includes advice on covering the costs of eye care and how to access free eye tests:

“National Health Service (NHS) eye tests are free if you’re over 60. Check it’s an NHS test and covers glaucoma, diabetic screening and eye pressure. Have a test every two years, every year if you’re over 70. If you can no longer visit an optician unaccompanied, ask for a free NHS sight test at home by calling the Outside Clinic (0800 85 44 77,

You don’t have to buy your glasses at the opticians where you were tested; you can ask for your prescription and go elsewhere. You can get optical vouchers towards the costs of glasses or contact lenses if you are on Guarantee Pension Credit. Take along your benefit letter. If you qualify for partial help with health costs, take your form HC1, certificates HC2 or HC3.

More on this subject on the Independent Age website



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