PROJECT: Calderdale Forum 50 Plus & WAC

In partnership with the Women’s’ Activity Centre (WAC). Calderdale Forum 50 Plus is running a diabetes self-management programme to members of the Urdu/Punjabi speaking BME community who are suffering from Diabetes. The programme is aimed specifically at Diabetic patients and their carers and will be delivered at WAC by Diabetic Educators.

The programme is unique, providing person-centred educational support to older Asian community members who are suffering from Diabetes. Prevalence rates of Type 2 diabetes are much higher in the South Asian population but it is difficult for this group to access appropriate services.

Research has shown that this group is particularly at risk of not receiving on-going support to manage Diabetes, as one-to-one support at local Diabetic clinics can be difficult to access due to language barriers. The local NHS DESMOND programme is delivered in English and does not meet the different cultural needs and traditional diet South Asian population.

However, the joint Calderdale Forum 50 Plus & WAC programme is aimed at the local South Asian community and will be delivered solely to Urdu/Punjabi speaking South Asian population.

The Women’s’ Activity Centre has a great deal of experience in exploring and meeting the different needs of the local BME community: last year WAC delivered a Diabetes Educational Programme.

Our new project has been amended and improved to closely fit the needs of the BME community. We will provide a new Diabetes self-management programme, which will incorporate activities that reinforce the messages of Education: namely healthy eating, weight management and coping with stress.

The programme will include a support programme with structured activities, such as one-to-one support, monthly male and female support group, weekly exercise and cooking class. A Diabetes Educator will be employed on part-time basis to deliver the programme and monitor progress over a 12-month period.

The programme aims to improve overall health outcomes of clients through the following: reduced blood glucose levels, fewer visits to GP, weight loss, reduced waist size, reduction in diabetes medication, adopting a healthy diet whilst still enjoying your food, reduction in stress/depression and improved quality of life.


Funding for this project is provided by Health Connections programme – their associated organisations in Calderdale include Voluntary Action Calderdale, Community Foundation for Calderdale and the NHS/CCG.


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