HOUSING: NHS Choices Advice

In later life, finding suitable housing, or adapting your current home, can make a huge difference to your quality of life, whether you need support yourself or are caring for someone else. Your local authority may be able to help you better understand your housing needs.

As local authorities now have a duty to assess anyone who appears to have care and support needs under the Care Act 2014, your local authority should:

  • assess your needs and give you advice, whatever your financial circumstances
  • provide information about services and support options available to you in your area
  • give you a carer’s assessment if you are an unpaid/family carer

The assessment by the local authority is important because it will help you work out what your difficulties are and consider what support options, including your housing arrangement, you might have.

The above article was taken from the NHS Choices website, has a lot more information on this subject – More Info

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