DRIVING: Older Drivers Favour Tighter Rules

An article on the Medical News Today website has highlighted a study that finds that the majority of older drivers are in favour of tighter rules on checking the health and suitability of over-70s to drive – even if those checks could take them off the road themselves.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) worked with Dr Carol Hawley at Warwick Medical School, the University of Warwick, to survey more than 2,600 drivers and former drivers on their opinions, habits and motoring history.The first major survey of its kind for two decades, Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile, found more than half of over 70s demonstrate that they self-regulate to stay safe, by avoiding driving in challenging situations like busy traffic, after dark, in rush hour or bad weather.

While mature drivers travel significantly fewer miles than other age groups, 84% of them rated their driving ability as ‘good to excellent’ and only 6% had ever considered giving up driving.

Despite that a very high proportion of respondents were in favour of measures to increase their safety on the roads. Dr Hawley said: “Almost 60% of those questioned said drivers should retake the driving test every five years after age 70, 85% said drivers should pass an eyesight test every five years once they have reached 70, and more than half said that drivers aged around 70 should be required to have a medical examination.”

Read the full story on the Medical News Today website

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