YOU CAN HELP: Age UK Campaigns Evidence

Age UK has Campaigns and Policy teams who receive evidence on issues that affect older people and their carers. Evidence provided by these methods is used to support Age UK campaigns and assist Age UK when challenging legislation and Government and private sector administrative processes that affect older people and their carers.

At the moment, Local Age UK partners, such as Calderdale Forum 50 Plus, are being encouraged to forward policy issues to the team at Age UK.

The types of evidence and policy issues they are interested in include:

  • examples of how cuts to local authority services are having an impact on older people
  • poor treatment in hospital or social care settings
  • age discrimination of all kinds ¡V whether relating to health or social care, insurance, banking or mortgages
  • key services moving online (for example, people being told they need to apply online)
  • scams and sharp selling practices

If you have details of any of the above, please email them to us at

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