SAFER WORKSHOPS: Scams, Fraud & Crime

The SAFER Project is a community protection and empowerment programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund and aimed at adults aged 55+ in West Yorkshire. SAFER has worked with over 8,000 older people in the last 3 years, carrying out workshops & events on topics such as scams & doorstep crime enabling them with the tools & knowledge they need to protect themselves against such occurrences.

They offer the following workshops to community groups and organisations who work with older people. To run the workshop they need at least 10 people and there is no maximum number, each resident will receive a free toolkit that will assist them at home after the workshops.

Scams & Fraud – Interactive session discussing different types of scams & fraud such as nuisance telephone calls, junk mail and many more, how to spot and avoid them and what to do/who to contact if things go wrong. Duration: 45 mins.

Doorstep Crime – Interactive session using scenarios you may find yourself in on your doorstep and how to deal with them. Duration: 30-40 mins.

Refresher Sessions – Bingo style session recapping all the points from the previous 2 to ensure the main points have remembered to keep people safe. Duration: 45 mins.

They also have our own Debt and Benefit Advice Worker who can help clients with any financial issues. All of the services from The SAFER Project are completely free.

To find out more or to book workshops please get in touch!

T: 0113 393 9910

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