HAVE YOUR SAY: Council Budgets

Please find time to give your views on how Calderdale Council money should be spent and what the future priorities should be.

The Council is asking local people what they should invest in, how services could be run differently and how communities could help keep Calderdale a fantastic place.

This comes as increasing pressure is put on Council budgets – funding from Government has already reduced by 28% since 2010 and is expected to be cut by a further 12% by 2017/18. This means that although we will have already saved £86 million by next year, we expect to have to save at least another £20 million by 2018/19 (about £213 per household).

The closing date for survey responses is Saturday 31 October 2015 so get involved and help shape the future of Calderdale today!


If you would like to make any further comments and suggestions about this topic you can also email : Yourbudget@calderdale.gov.uk

The survey is also available in libraries.