FLU JAB: Protect yourself now!

Age UK are reminding everyone that if you’re over 65, it’s vital that you have your seasonal flu jab, as this will help protect you at the time of the year when you are most vulnerable.

Flu is not simply a bad cold and it can increase your risk of more serious illness, so help protect yourself by having a seasonal flu jab – and make sure you’ve had the one-off ‘pneumo’ jab too.

Seasonal flu is a highly infectious disease caused by viruses that are always changing. You need a flu jab every year because a new vaccine is produced to target those viruses most likely to be in circulation.

Some people are more susceptible to the effects of flu as it can increase their risk of something more serious, such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Catching flu can also make some existing conditions worse.

The influenza vaccination is recommended if you’re aged 65 and over, and you should consider it regardless of your age if you have certain health conditions such as a heart problem or a chronic braething problem (e.g. bronchitis or emphysema); or if you have had  a stroke, mini-stroke, diabetes, chronic kidney/liver disease; or if you have lowered immunity.

If you are the main carer for an older person or someone with one of the above conditions, speak to your GP, as he or she may recommend that you are vaccinated too.

For more information speak to your GP, pharmacist or call the NHS direct on: 0845 4647

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