FITNESS: We Try Walking Football

Posted: 13 May 2015 | By Mike Riley
Walking football is now established in Halifax by the Calderdale Community Trust run by Chris Mitchell. It is a sport aimed at the over 50s primarily and I went along last Friday to get a photo and see how it was going.


Some of the over 50s Walking Football participants last week

I got the photo OK, but despite there being 19 players signed up, once I got there I found that they were short one player to make up the sides and was press-ganged into taking part.

First of all let no one dispute it is a sport that gets you sweating very quickly. I had thought that walking whilst playing the game would be relatively easy! It’s not!

For anyone who has ever played soccer no matter how long ago, it’s difficult not to try and run if someone on the opposition passes the ball behind you, or worse yet, if a player on your side passes it just out of reach in front. You are obviously penalised if you run, so you have to get used to trying to walk quickly!

I found it really exhilarating and to be honest really enjoyed myself although playing for an hour does take it out of you. We had regular refreshment breaks, but I was still stiff the next morning. I am definitely going back for more, and as there are 4 pitches at Shaw Mills where we play there’s certainly room for more participants.

So if you are over 50 why not come along and give it a go. You don’t have to be a past George Best to enjoy it, everyone has to walk so it brings us all down to the same level.

It’s every Friday in Halifax 12 noon to 1pm it costs a mere £4 to take part and I guarantee you’ll have fun.

You can either turn up at Shaw Mill just across the road from the Shay Car Park (next to the Flats), or ring Chris Mitchell on 07947 827627.

Hope to see you there next Friday!

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